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Clinical Dermatology Research

Myovatec offers a comprehensive reconstruction aids for Cancer patients. Set of titanium plating system, External Breast Forms after mastectomy.

Onco Surgery The role of sequential compression is well established in the treatment of mastectomy Lymphodema. We provide DermaGrip pressure sleeves and Lympha Press, sequential compression device for treatment of Lymphoedemas and varicose veins.

Product List

  • Fluobeam – ICG Fluoroscopy Mapping Device For
    • Head Neck Surgery
    • Thyroidectomy
    • Parathyroid Surgery
    • Breast Surgery
    • Sentinel Node marking
    • Reconstruction with Micro Surgery for Flap Marking.
    • Liver Surgery
    • Post mastectomy Lymphoedema
  • S&T Micro Instruments
    • Superfine Micro instruments for Breast Reconstruction
  • Breast implant – Motiva
    • Post Cancer, reconstruction.
  • Adipose (Fat) tissue grafting.
    • Autologous Breast reconstruction
  • Venous Couplers.
  • Breast lymphedema Compression Dermagrip Sleeve with shoulder flip
  • Lymphedema pumps.
  • Osseo integrated poly-ethylene bone substitute
  • Scar treatment with silicone Gel Sheet ( Epiderm ) & ointment ( Xeragel )