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DermaGrip - Elasticated Pressure Gradient Covers

It is a specially designed elasticated tubular fabric meant to provide physiologically correct and constant pressure over the area of application. It is a superior & inexpensive substitute of Crepe bandage and consequently all the indications for the use of crepe bandage are indications for the use of Pressure Gradient Covers.

Dermagrip is a specially woven 100% cotton fabric, embeded with elastic yarn to provide graded compression. Dermagrip provides a physiological compression of 15-25mm of Hg for the upper extremities & 25-40mm of Hg for the lower extremities.

Dermagrip is offered in various material options of skin cotton and double stretch skin coloured lycra. All product shapes & sizes are available in all varities of fabric choices.

It is used for the following indications/purposes:

  • For treatment of Varicose Veins
  • For post burn Hypertrophic scars
  • For treatment of mild to moderate Lymphoedema
  • For various muscular spasms and joint problems including sprains
  • For venous support after By Pass surgery

DermaGrip - Benefits

  • DermaGrip provides continuous uniform graded pressure till the time the elasticity lasts, which is minimum for a period of 2-4 months. Hence, is distinctly better compared to a crepe bandage which does not provide a uniform compression & always tends to roll or slip
  • There is no control about the pressure when applied with a crepe bandage whereas Dermagrip will always give a prescribed pressure, every time it is used.
  • Dermagrip is available both as tubular fabric & graded contoured compression support
  • DermaGrip does not inhibit the normal movement of the body part.
  • DermaGrip is easy to apply & can be just slipped on like a sleeve.

DermaGrip - Presentation

Prefixed circumference sizes
  • A, B, C, D & E in Varied lengths of 1/2m, 1m and 10m
  • Stockings
  • Knee length
  • Thigh length in sizes [ Small, Medium & Large ]
  • Gauntlets ( below elbow / full arm ) in sizes [ Small, Medium & Large ]
  • Abdominal corsets in sizes [ Small, Medium & Large ]
  • Vests – Male / Femal in sizes [ Small, Medium & Large ]
  • Panty supports in sizes [ Small, Medium & Large ]
  • Hand Gloves – Right / Left in sizes [ Small, Medium & Large ]
  • For Pre-fixed sizes refer to Index Card
Custom Made
  • Pressure gradient covers – Body Measurement Chart
  • For Order placement for Custom made pressure garments Click Here

DermaGrip - Indications

  • For prevention of Hypertrophic scarring following healing of deep dermal burn wounds.
  • To prevent hypertrophic scarring following split skin grafting of burn wounds.
  • To limit contraction of a split skin graft and hasten it to become soft and supple.
  • For prevention / control of vascular oedema
  • For treatment of soft tissue injury
  • Control of joint effusions
  • Treatment of Rheumatic & arthritis conditions
  • Prevention & treatment of varicose veins

DermaGrip - Availability

DermaGrip can be procured either directly through our offices or through our distribution network all over the country. List of Distributors – will be available shortly

How to Use?

Measure the circumference of the extremity and the length over which pressure is desired and choose the correct size from Index Card / Body Measurement Chart. Slip cover over the area like a sleeve. For longer lengths of varying circumferences and for trunk and groin regions order the custom made Pressure Gradient Garments.

DermaGrip - How to Launder?

  • Briefly soak the garment in detergent, then moderately agitate the garments to dislodge any soil. Soak again, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Be sure all detergent is completely rinsed.
  • Lay the support between two towels, pat to remove excess water. DO NOT SQUEEZE
  • Allow it to air dry, keep the COVERS away from heat of radiator, sun light, dryers etc.
A clean fresh cover should be put on every 24 hours. Therefore always maintain minimum two sets. While one is being laundered, other must be put on.

DermaGrip - How to Launder?

  • Following healing of deep dermal burns, and setting of split skin graft, pressure gradient must be worn continuously all the time for the period of six months to one year or as prescribed by the doctor.
  • It must be worn for life in treatment of varicose veins and lymphoedema or as presribed by the doctor.

DermaGrip - How to Order?

DermaGrip can be Ordered in the following ways:
  • Standard Ready-made Orders – Refer to Index Card
  • Customized Orders – Refer to Customized Order

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