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Fluobeam® Clinical System is an innovative handheld ICG
fluorescence imaging device designed to improve surgical precision
across a wide range of applications.

What surgeons were unable to see with naked eye in the past,
they are now able to visualize with the Fluobeam® Clinical System
providing surgical sites with fluorescence images in real-time. This
ability may enhance accuracy and give more consistent results
during surgery. It may also further reduce corrective surgery and
promote faster patient recovery.

Clinical benefits may include :

  • Increase confidence
  • Improvement of surgical outcomes
  • Cost savings
  • Safer alternative to radioactive approaches
Outstanding Features:
  • Fully controlled by the surgeon
  • Dark environment not required
  • High illumination quality
  • Recordable and flexible storage
  • Immediate play-back of captured video
  • Color mapping
  • Highly mobile between clinic and operating room
  • Autofocus
  • Zoom x10
  • Password controlled access

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