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Myovatec surgical systems is a biomedical company incepted in the year 1986, with an object of bringing in new technologies and surgical treatment aids for the patients of muscular, Vascular and dermatological disorders. As the name is suggestive :
The company pioneered to manufacture and market its DERMAGRIP, a product to provide physiological pressure on the human body. A concept used in the treatment of post burn scars. The technical support was gathered from various international literatures and also from some of the leading manufacturers of such compression products.

Dermagrip was introduced with a desire to help the hapless burn victims,who had lot of sufferings even after healing of the raw wounds. The hypertrophic scars and the contractures render the patients with deformities which needed to be treated. The conventional methods available at that time were the use of crepe bandage - a crude support or the patient had to order for the custom made pressure garments from the international product leaders - Jobst.

The introduction of the cotton based Dermagrip was a great support to the Indian patients. Dermagrip has since, come a long way from the prefixed sizes to the vast range of products in both the, custom made and the prefixed sizes for the various body parts. The fabric choices available now range from staple cotton, skin colored cotton to double stretch cotton and imported lycra. Various designs & shapes are available to suite the individual patient requirements.

Myovatec – the company had Dermagrip as the nucleus product and grew up with the advent and introduction of state of the art products to match the growing needs of the surgeons and the patients.

Myovatec has earned the distinction of bringing in the best of the services and the products to the Indian market for the surgical specialties of :

Myovatec has been growing with each year of growth, increasing its base on the extensive support from all the patrons. The company has undertaken extensive projects of establishing the burn centers on turn key basis and has the distinction of having installations in leading centers across the country.

Under the stewardship of the company’s director A.D. Mathur, a paramedic with marketing degree, and an experience of 22 years in the field of medical marketing, backed up by training and certification on product technologies and market development, from leading international bio-medical companies, Myovatec – the company has blossomed into a recognizable bio-medical company offering high quality products and services.

The company takes a special pride in maintaining humane aspects of the treatment support, in-spite of the commercial growth. The company has distinction of being associated with the best products in the world market. It has been the earnest endeavor to apprise the fraternity with the best technological developments and to make available these products to the multitude of patients.

Dermagrip – the surgical custom made pressure garments has been the result of this objective and desire to serve the patients.