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Microvascular Anastomotic Coupler System

The Fast, Safe and Easy Way to Perform a Microvascular Anastomosis The GEM Microvascular Anastomotic COUPLER System (GEM2741CC) has been specifically designed for blood vessel anastomosis. The System provides the tools for surgeons to perform a secure anastomosis with shorter procedure time and decreased ischemia time compared to traditional suturing. Our intima-to-intima technique stents the vessel open and in turn improves patency and reduces the chances of thrombosis. The reliable technology of the COUPLER is ideal for
vesse ls that are thin, frail or difficult to reach.

Coupler System

GEM2741C : Coupler System icludes: Anastomotic Instrument, vessel Measuring Gauge, COUPLER Forceps Sterilization Tray

GEM4183C : Coupler Forceps ( C Forceps) length – 18cm, assists in everting the vessel over the pins of the Coupler


GEM2750                  1.0mm (Gray), Range: 0.8mm – 1.2mm
GEM2751                   1.5mm (Blue), Range: 1.2mm – 1.8mm
GEM2752                  2.0mm (Green), Range: 1.8mm – 2.4mm
GEM2753                  2.5mm (Red), Range: 2.4mm – 3.0mm
GEM2754                  3.0mm (Gold), Range: 3.0mm ..3.6mm

Various sizes of single-use Anastomotic Couplers

GEM2750                      1.0 mm (gray)
GEM2751                       1.5 mm (blue)
GEM2752                      2.0 mm (green)
GEM2753                      2.5 mm (red)
GEM2754                      3.0 mm (gold)
GEM2755                      3.5 mm (purple)
GEM2756                      4.0 mm (orange)

Gem Superfine Microclip

Another little GEM just got smaller

The GEM titanium, hemostatic Superfine MicroClip (GEM) is over 35% smallerthan the GEM MicroClip. The secure closure of the SuperFine MicroClip is formed by its Chevron shape. The tip-to-tip closure is progressive and encompassing, and the atraumatic triangular design of the Superfine MicroClip ensures a uniform closure. The inside of the SuperFine MicroClips are lined with diamond-shaped grooving that create interlocking teeth that enhance security and vessel closure while preventing multi-directional slippage. GEM SuperFine MicroClips are great for side branch occlusions.

Features of the GEM SuperFine MicroClip

  • GEM SuperFine MicroClip cartridge ensures easy loading
  • GEM SuperFine MicroClips have an optimal, atraumatic clip design
  • GEM SuperFine MicroClips are pure, strong, malleable titanium
  • GEM SuperFine MicroClips are MRI compatibile

The GEM SuperFine MicroClip System consists of:

  • GEM1521SF Superfine MicroClips; 30 blue cartridges per box
  • GEM715SF SuperFine MicroClip Applier; 15 cm length (silver ring handles)
  • GEM719SF Superfine MicroC/ip Applier; 19 cm length (silver ring handles)

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