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  • Special designed hand pieces for different operation variations
  • Small, medium and large head designs provides precise cutting results in different areas
  • Light weight and cordless, battery operated ergonomic system offers mobility
  • Quick, easy and safe blade replacement mechanism
  • 10 level for cutting thickness adjustment with 5 main and 5 intermediate level for sensitive results
  • High quality dermatome blades for precise and smooth consequences
  • Provides 40 mm, 80 mm and 120 mm cutting width options for standard use (With the help of width reduction clamp, it allows cutting in special dimension)

Dermatome Models:

Ceramic Dermatome Blade

  •  Provides up to 10 times sharpness than traditional steel blades
  •  Biocompatible zirconium oxide (Zr02) ceramic material
  •  Autoclavable
  • Not affected by chemicals
  • Provides measurement stability with its rigid structure

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