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Lymphapress is a compression unit with a pressure control valve and timer to adjust the pressure and duration of therapy.
The Lymphapress pump has a built in distributor which controls the flow of air pressure through 8,10 or 12 channels of tubins which are connected to the multi chambered pressured sleeves for the upper of lower extremity.

The multi chambered sleeve provides a continuous graded compression on the extremity thus providing complete milkying of the lymph and the fluid.

The Lymphapress is available in two models:
  • Lymphapress 103 – Which provides pressure upto 200mm of Hg.
  • Lymphapress mini – Which provides compression upto 80mm of Hg.

The Lymphapress sequential pump can be provided with sleeves for upper of lower extremity and also the sleeves can be made as per customized requirement of the patient.

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