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Q Inside Safety Technology

  • Get increased peace of mind & assurance by choosing high-tech Motiva implants with Q Inside Safety Technology
  • Q Inside Safety Technology conveys a 15 digit electronic serial number, which can be accessed at your physician’s practice by you or your medical staff via a handheld reader to safely identify breast implants from outside the body with a proprietary, handheld reader,to ensure your patient safety, confdence & assurance.
  • This innovative technology has been proven to be both safe & effective and is also compatible with MRI and Mammography scanning. Furthermore, Q Inside Safety Technology does not affect the surgical recovery period or the aesthetic result of breast augmentation or reconstruction and is effective for the lifetime of the implant.
  • Q Inside is a passive device and patients cannot be tracked through this technology.

Privacy Protected

Q Inside Safety Technology provides you and your patient secure access to implant specifc data, such as the serial number, manufacturer name, the date of manufacture, lot number and other data, all delivered through a secure microtransponder reader.

  • Q Inside Safety Technology enables you, the surgeon, to accurately identify your patient’s breast implant.
  • The secure information that is captured is important in the unlikely event of a safety issue or product re-call.

Artifacts and MRI

  • An artifact is a feature appearing in the MRI image that distorts the look of the tissue or organ being screened.
  • Artifacts appear as shadows, distortions, halos, or create voids in the image.
  • Artifacts cause misrepresentation of tissue

Examples of other artifact causative factors leading to incomplete MRI

  • Patient motion
  • Suboptimal tissue suppression
  • Presence of metallic implants, radiographic clips, prostheses, tattoos
  • Equipment or technical issues
Work-arounds are common, every day events
for imaging professionals who routinely deal
with incomplete imaging studies from MRI.

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