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Skin Graft Mesher

The aluminum base holds two inclined plates. The front plate supports the skin graft as its is introduced between the two rollers.
The rear plate (comb) is held by two screws and helps separate the meshed graft from the rollers.

Cutting is accomplished by the interaction of the upper roller oscillating blades and the alternating bottom roller cutting blades.
Blade design eliminates the need for sharpening.

  • The skin graft (thickness 0,4 mm) be introduce between the two rollers in different ways.
  • Place the sheets graft exterior face down onto the front plate and guide in into the turning rollers.
  • To help manipulate the skin sheet, you can put in on a polyethylene sheet or between two sheets.
  • The steering wheel must be turned taking care of separate the skin winding around the top.

When the skin graft is stretched out to obtain squares, you have the maximum surface. The sizes of the square are the following ones.

  • 3,75 mm for size 2x
  • 7,5 mm for size 4x
  • 11,0 mm for size 6x
  • 15,0 mm for size 8x

The skin strips making the skin graft have a uniform width of 1,0 mm

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