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BTM Wound Dressing

A unique synthetic biodegradable wound matrix BTM is a synthetic, biodegradable and biocompatible device designed to facilitate the dermis to grow within a patented polyurethane foam matrix. When ready, the sealing membrane is removed, leaving a fully vascularised dermis, ready for closure.
BTM Advantages
  • Fully synthetic, fully biodegradable and biocompatible, with no biological material.
  • No preparation, ready to use.
  • Physiologically seals the wound – healing can begin.
  • Clinically choose when to delaminate.
  • Designed to minimise scarring and contracture.

BTM Wound Dressing Composition

Sealing membrane

Designed to physiologically close the wound and limit evaporative moisture loss.


Polyurethane adhesive that adheres the foam and sealing membrane.

Polyurethane foam

A wound-facing, 2mm thick, white, open cell foam. The foam is a bioabsorbable polyurethane material.

BTM vs non-BTM areas on the same patient

The following cases highlight areas for each patient where BTM was applied as well as areas that did not receive BTM.

Estimate of pieces required

BTM comes sterilised in a multilayer packaging. A cardboard envelope contains an aluminised peel-able pouch which encloses a sterile transparent peel-able pouch containing the BTM. Labels are affixed to the aluminised pouch and the outer cardboard envelope, and carry details such as date of manufacture, product batch number and expiry date. Each pouch is nitrogen filled. Terminally sterilised by gamma irradiation.

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